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Build A Better Benefits Plan

Get Advising and Consulting Help For Your Business

When it comes to insurance and employee benefits, companies most often pay far more than the value they receive. Remedy Advisors, LLC will work with you to get the most value from your health care insurance and create a transparent advisor relationship.

There’s a lot of waste and abuse in the industry. We’ll help you dig down and get lower costs for the coverage you actually need. We’ll set up a discovery call to:

  • Find out what’s going right and wrong with your benefit plans


  • Listen carefully to understand your needs and goals


  • Tailor a plan to meet your needs starting with a firm foundation of active, independent plan management and including a relevant combination of value based primary care, transparent open provider networks, patient advocacy, and transparent pharmacy benefits


Stop trying to navigate the murky insurance waters on your own. Get help from knowledgeable advisors. Call 704-906-2475 today to schedule a consultation about your insurance coverage.

Regular Reviews Can Help Keep You On Track

Once you’ve decided on a high performance plan designed that best meet your needs, we’ll schedule periodic stewardship meetings to review your results. The interval between these meetings will vary depending on the individualized blue print for your plan. Our process is ideal for business owners who are willing to embrace change and motivated to take a stance, not accepting the status quo. The goal is to discover new solutions to significantly shift the health care spend and protect plan members.

Contact Remedy Advisors today to speak with a qualified consultant about your health care plans.